Friday, January 14, 2005

The continuing saga of Sandy "Hamburgler" Berger

McDonald's now has collectible glasses featuring former U.S. National Secuirty Advisors. This one-of-a-kind drinking glass features former Clinton Administration national security chief, Samuel "Sandy" Berger.

Did Sandy "Hamburgler" Berger really stuff "about forty or fifty" classified documents into his socks? And he was our National Security Advisor? If you or I went into the National Archives and stuffed classified documents into our socks, wouldn't we already be in jail?

More on the McDonald's collectible drinking glass: former National Security Advisor Sandy Burger - affectionately called "sloppy" by his former colleagues - is famous for his funny capers. He once tried to sneak out of the National Archives with "forty to fifty" secret documents in his socks! That silly Hamburgler! He's done it again! Collect the entire set!

And how did the Hamburgler get that gig as National Secuirty Advisor, anyway? Ronald McDonald's awesome power must be stopped.

Speaking of the hamburgler, what DO they call a Quarter Pounder in Israel? Now you know. Link via Colby Cosh.

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Blogger Mark said...

That Israeli McD's commercial seemed to parody/mimic the film "Pulp Fiction." Am I seeing things?

6:57 PM  

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