Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dino Rossi leads both Christine Gregoire and Maria Cantwell in latest Rassmussen poll

Washington State gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi leads both his opponent, Christine Gregoire, and Washington State's U.S. Senator, Maria Cantwell, in a recent Rasmussen poll

A February 25 Rassmussen poll indicates that, in a survey of 500 likely voters about the 2006 Washington State U.S. Senate race, Dino Rossi attracts 47% of the vote to Maria Cantwell's 44%.

Overall, Rossi is viewed favorably by 55% of Washington's voters, while Cantwell is viewed favorably by just 54%. Further, gubernatorial candidate Christine Gregoire is viewed favorably by just 50% - and, remarkably, JUST 42% BELIEVE GREGOIRE LEGITIMATELY WON LAST NOVEMBER'S ELECTION!

Forty-four percent (44%) believe Rossi was the real winner! 15% of respondents indicated that the didn't know who won.

Stefen Sharkansky of Sound Politics predicts that soon-to-be Governor Rossi, by then in the middle of his second term, would be a very formidable challenger to Patty Murray in 2010.

Via Sound Politics and Polipundit.


Blogger The Zero Boss said...

Little surprise he's leading Cantwell and Gregoire. Neither woman comes off as liable or, for that matter, very useful.

Good news. It means we'll either have Governor Rossi or Senator Rossi in the next few years, thank the gods...

2:45 PM  
Blogger The Zero Boss said...

Argh - likeable, not liable. *bangs head on keyboard*

2:45 PM  

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