Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gallup Poll: Ronald Reagan is people's choice as greatest American President

A Gallup Poll has found that Americans rate Ronald Reagan as the greatest American President in history

A Gallup Poll has found that Americans rate Ronald Reagan as the greatest American President in history. Via Editor and Publisher.

I highly recommend Reagan's autobiography, An American Life. It was a real page-turner - and I was continually amazed at Reagan's modesty and humility. That such a kind, gentle man could also be such a strong, pivotal world leader must be attributed to an inner strength - and strength of convictions.

Reading Reagan's autobiography - his life story in his own words - makes clear how silly and cartoonish were the criticisms he received from the liberals of Europe and America during his Presidency. Reagan was the "dumb" "unilateralist cowboy" of the liberals' caricatures in the 1980's. Such caricatures seem all too familiar today. Then, as now, liberals' response to strength and clarity was ad hominem attacks that said more about them than their target.

Fortunately, the 700 million people freed behind the old Iron Curtain know better - as do a new generation of Reagan admirers back home. (And the 50 million people now living in freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq will recognize George W. Bush as Reagan's true heir). Indeed, in a very real sense, the Presidency of George W. Bush would never have happened but for the trail blazed by Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was one of history's greatest advocates for freedom - and perhaps freedom's greatest champion. And yet he tells his life story with a gentleness and humility that astounds. His personal "city on a hill" was a humble adobe ranch house, in his beloved California mountains, which he helped build with his own hands.

The people's choice for greatest American President - Ronald Reagan - is the right choice.

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Al Qaeda murderers behead innocent American civilian, Nick Berg, in or near Baghdad, Iraq on May 11, 2004.


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