Saturday, February 05, 2005

The New Screaming Left ("NSL") Party

The New Screaming Left ("NSL") Party: Juan Cole + Howard Dean = the vanguard of something new and nasty. A new political movement. The NSL.

NSL eminence grise, Juan Cole, provides a series of nasty ad hominem attacks against Jonah Goldberg in the true spirit of the New Screaming Left ("NSL") Party

Wonder what got this lefty to screamin' (this time)? Go read the rest of the story here, plus some more thoughts on the subject here.

Flexing its muscles, the NSL has taken control of a reeling Democratic Party, installing the NSL poster-boy, Howard Dean, as Chairmain of the DNC.

Howard Dean during his "I have a scream speech" - the touchstone moment (and scream) for The New Screaming Left ("NSL") Party

While were talking about the "I have a scream speech," my favorite Dean scream remixes are the ones with background music by Outkast and Ozzy Osbourne, but I digress.

Dean's DNC Chair selection has caused serious misgivings among non-NSL Democrats - and disbelieving joy among Republicans.

So - who will be celebrating at the Presidential Inauguration of January 2009 - Juan Cole and the NSL or Jonah Goldberg and the Republicans? With the DNC Dean selection, I believe the Democrats have laid the groundwork for more nasty, screaming commentary from Juan Cole - and from the rest of the NSL - four years hence. In short, the DNC Dean selection will work to the Republicans' benefit - as long as Bush and the GOP stick to their principles and plans, thereby reliably driving the NSL metrosexuals and other NSL Party faithful in apoplexies of white-knuckled, venom-spitting rage (see, again, the Dean photo, above).

The New Screamling Left (NSL) Party might consider making this their home page. Or this. Or this. See? The New Screaming Left ("NSL") Party. I wasn't kidding. To paraphrase Faber College's Dean Wormer: loud, vicious and full of hate is no way to go through life, son.

Meanwhile, the antithesis of the NSL, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice gets it right:

* * *

"There cannot be an absence of moral content in American foreign policy," she says. "Europeans giggle at this, but we are not European, we are American, and we have different principles."

* * *

Indeed, Condi. More like this, please.

Funniest line I've read lately: "If i ever owned a pilates studio, i would call it Pontius Pilates." Ha. From annika's journal. That's #56.

Last but not least, some VERY incredible photos from the Hubble space telescope. Via Normblog.


Blogger Winston said...

Just noticed your link to Federal Review and wanted to say thanks for the link and the compliment (North Carolina's best blogs!). When I get back into my template, I'll reciprocate the link - something I have woefully been remiss in doing lo these past 5 years of Federal Review.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Libertarian Girl said...

I don't agree with the the politics of any Democrats, but as a person, Howard Dean is more likeable than most Democrats. He's less dishonest than most politicians. Libertarian Girl

8:36 AM  
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